"The Revenue-Sharing Program
Intelligent Affiliates Have Been Waiting For"


You're invited to participate in an extraordinary income opportunity by becoming a commissioned affiliate for The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases.  

This is a particularly lucrative opportunity because the sales potential for this book is enormous!  There isn't a single adult in the world that isn't affected by, or worried about,  disease -- either because someone they care about is battling disease (or they themselves have a disease, or are afraid they might develop a disease).  People are searching desperately for safe, effective and inexpensive natural cures -- and this book provides the scientifically proven cure for virtually all diseases.  Thousands of health practitioners are calling this "the greatest healing miracle of all time."  Lots of easy sales are possible because:

  • The book sells itself:  It provides indispensable health information that is much-needed in our world where disease is widespread.  The book has a compelling title, which commands immediate attention and powerfully conveys the reason why a potential book buyer must purchase the book. 

  • It's recession-proof:  Unlike other products that people would think twice before buying -- especially during a recession or times of financial difficulty -- this book will sell well in good times or bad because people are always willing to spend on something that could cure themselves (or a loved one) of a disease -- or even potentially save their life. 

  • The $994 billion wellness industry is growing by $250 million per day!  [By 2010, it will be a trillion-dollar industry.]  An unprecedented number of people are taking an active role in their health and wellness -- and would do anything to be free of disease.

  • The persuasive sales page for the book (which does the selling for you) was professionally written by the leading web copywriting expert (who authored the book, Web Copy That Sells: The Revolutionary Formula for Creating Killer Copy Every Time).  Furthermore, the expertly crafted video webpage that you will be directing people to has an unprecedented 8.9% conversion rate (i.e., 8.9% of the people who watch the powerful video are effectively pre-sold on the eBook, and consequently buy the eBook on their very first visit to the sales page!  

For every visitor you refer that purchases a copy of The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases, you'll make a 50% commission ($18.00).  There is no limit to the amount you can make!


Here's just a sample of the potential affiliate earnings:

Sales per day $ per day $ per month $ per year
1 sale $18.00 $540 $6,480
3 sales $54.00 $1,620 $19,440
5 sales $90.00 $2,700 $32,400
10 sales $180.00 $5,400 $64,800


Our affiliate program is run by ClickBank.com.  Every 2 weeks, ClickBank will send you a commission check for sales of "The One-Minute Cure" that you've generated.  Clickbank also enables you to log on to your affiliate account and view your real-time statistics -- 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Setting Up Your Free ClickBank Account(It takes only 2 minutes to do this.)

  1. Click here to go to --> ClickBank.com and sign up for a FREE affiliate account.  [If you already have an existing ClickBank account, click here and enter your ClickBank nickname.]  

  2. After the sign-up process is completed, send us an e-mail at
    totbp7@gmail.com so that you can receive bonus commissions from us whenever your sales reach certain milestones.

That's it!  You're done setting up your affiliate account!

Now, if you went through the ClickBank process successfully, you should have been given your affiliate link (also called hop link).  If you didn't take it down (or you forgot it), here's how you can create your hop link:

Replace the "xxxxxxx" in the link below with your ClickBank nickname.


Example:  If your ClickBank nickname is tourmaline, then your affiliate link (hop link) is: 

Whenever someone clicks on your hop link, they'll be taken to the One-Minute Cure video registration webpage  on our website, and ClickBank will "tag" that visitor as having been referred by you.  Whether that person buys the book today, next week or any time within 60 days, you'll automatically receive a commission on that sale.

Now, the fun begins!

Promoting the Book:

All you need to do to start earning commissions right away is to promote your hop link everywhere.

  • Send it to your mailing list with a short personal endorsement of the book.  [Click here to see a sample e-mails you can send out.]  Take a moment to send out your e-mails today so you can start earning affiliate commissions in as little as a few hours -- or even a few minutes.

  • Advertise your link with banners, text links or ads in other people's ezines or e-newsletters (or your own, if you have one).  Click here to see sample text links, ads and banners you can use.

                                                  Sample Banner


  • If you have a website, you can embed the link in the anchor text of our choice.  The title of the book would make a suitable anchor text (since it conveys the major benefit of reading the book) -- but use whatever anchor text you feel is best based on what you know about your website visitors.

  • Post comments about the book on blogs, making sure you include your hop link.

  • Promote the link at social networking sites

NOTE:  Please make sure you abide by ClickBank's policies that you agreed to when you signed up for an account (especially the policies about unwelcome email, crossposting, mousetraps, respawning windows, etc.).

As a Clickbank affiliate, you will receive a check every 2 weeks.  In addition, this program is available to you even if you live outside the United States, as long as you have Internet access and a bank account.  Just tell ClickBank.com where you want your check sent and they will take care of all the details.

Great Bonus Incentives for Affiliates:

When you sell more than 100 books on any given calendar month, you will receive an additional $1 per book that you sell over 100.  [Example:  If you sell 274 books in a single month, you will receive a bonus check in the amount of $174 in addition to your regular commissions.

Wishing you great success as our new affiliate partner!

                                    Madison Cavanaugh

P.S. While we do greatly value the relationship with our affiliates -- but please do not simply copy and paste the sales page onto your website.  This penalizes our search engine rankings and is a violation of the Terms of Service of this website.


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